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Expert Working Groups

The Alliance for Sustainable Enterprises attracts and invites a diverse array of experts from fields such as business, science, and politics, as well as from different regions of Switzerland. These professionals voluntarily contribute their expertise to help shape policy recommendations and devise implementation guidelines. Within the Alliance, experts can participate in one of three specialized working groups:​ The Legal Working Group  (W1)​, the Accounting & Auditing Working Group  (W2)​ and the Incentives Working Group (W3).

The working group on legal considerations for the "Sustainable Enterprise" qualification in Swiss legislation is a collaborative entity tasked with assessing the legal changes needed to introduce and establish the status of "Sustainable Enterprises" within the Swiss legal system. This entity is composed of independent legal experts and operates under the coordination of B Lab Switzerland.  By examining current laws and suggesting potential legal instruments, such as ordinances and amendments to the code of obligation, the working group aims to enhance the clarity, uniformity, and enforcement of the new legal status for sustainable enterprises.


Prof. Dr. iur. Giulia Neri-Castracane - Associate Professor, Department of Commercial Law and Center for Philanthropy, University of Geneva
Germana Barba - Senior Policy Coordinator, B Lab Switzerland



Dr. iur. Christoph Burckhardt, LL.M. (Harvard) - Attorney, Walder Wyss SA.
Prof. Dr. iur. Jean-Luc Chenaux - Professor, University of Lausanne, and Partner at Kellerhals Carrard.
Dr. iur. Claude Humbel, LL.M. (Berkeley) - Attorney, Postdoctoral Researcher, and Lecturer in Private, Commercial, and Business Law, University of Zurich.
Dr. iur. Michel Jaccard, LL.M. (Columbia) - Lecturer at EPFL/E4S, Partner, id est avocats.
Umberto Milano, LL.M. - Attorney at Kellerhals Carrard, PhD candidate at the University of Geneva.
Dr. Michael Mosimann - Attorney at Law and Public Notary, Partner, Eversheds Sutherland Ltd
Prof. Dr. iur. Henry Peter - Founder and Director, Center for Philanthropy, University of Geneva.
Vincent Pfammatter, LL.M. (Berkeley) - Partner, sigma legal, Academic Fellow at the Center for Philanthropy, University of Geneva.​

W1: Legal Working Group


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