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A Framework for the Recognition of Sustainable Enterprises

The Alliance for Sustainable Enterprises believes that Swiss enterprises deserve the creation of a level playing field ensuring that all businesses, regardless of size, are given the opportunity to succeed in dealing with the unprecedented pace of incoming European and international regulations.

A new and pragmatic legal framework, specifically recognizing sustainable enterprises, is needed to provide national legal legitimization to companies’ ongoing efforts toward sustainability, to encourage positive business behavior while enhancing an investor- and business-friendly environment.

The Alliance defines  “Sustainable Enterprise” as an enterprise that integrates environmental, social, and governance principles into its operations and into the decisions of its supreme governance body, recognizes the importance of continuous improvement in these areas, and commits to regularly evaluate and refine its practices to ensure a sustainable and responsible approach in its business conduct.


This regulatory framework would not only recognize the sustainability efforts that many businesses are already making but would also provide indispensable guidance to those determined to undertake this transformative journey. 

Our proposal includes the following
3 key elements


Creation of a voluntary

 ‘Sustainable Enterprise’  legal status to incentivize businesses to contribute to sustainability


Address the sustainability reporting gap by promoting harmonized, voluntary sustainability reporting


Facilitate the initiation and continuous enhancement of sustainability practices in businesses.

Let's unlock Swiss business potential to drive a future that combines prosperity, people, and the planet.

Together, we can catalyze transformative changes 

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