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Timeline of Progress

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NEW! 11th December 2023 - Council of States adopts the Postulate submitted by Josef Dittli.

During the winter Parliamentary session, The Council of States adopted the Postulate submitted by Josef Dittli. The adoption follows a positive recommendation issued by the Federal Council on 15th November, 2023

28th September 2023 - Launch of Parliamentary Initiative in the National Council.

National Council member Sophie Michaud Gigon (Green Party) launches a Parliamentary Initiative aimed at introducing a new legal status for "Sustainable Enterprise" in Switzerland. The Parliamentary Initiative has been attributed to the Commission of Legal Affairs

26th September 2023 - Submission of a Postulate. 

State councillor Josef Dittli submits (Liberal Party, FDP) a Postulate to the Council of States in which he calls on the Federal Council to examine the impact of European and international ESG (Environmental, Social, and Governance) standards on Swiss SMEs (Small and Medium-sized Enterprises).

13th June 2023 - Submission of an Interpellation.

State councillor Adèle Thorens Goumaz (Green Party) presents in the Council of States an Interpellation in which she questions the Federal Council about the introduction of a new legal status called “Sustainable Enterprise”.

31st May 2023 - Meeting with the parliamentary group in Bern.

Together with 20 CEOs, the parliamentary group for Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs) and the Sustainable Development Solutions Network (SDSN), we have conducted an event on the topic “What does the private sector need from politics for a sustainable transformation?”

May 2023 - Publication of the B Lab Switzerland White Paper.

The document describes the current state of sustainability and related legislation in Switzerland and illustrates why new legislation is needed to promote social and environmental responsibility in Swiss businesses in line with EU and international standards.

May 2023 - Publication of a comparative law study by the University of Geneva.

The study emphasizes the need to create a clear legal framework in Switzerland that allows sustainably oriented companies to operate with certainty. It underscores the opportunity to introduce a special legal status that is in line with EU directives and UN goals to enhance the promotion of sustainable entrepreneurship and social impact.


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