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About our Alliance

At the heart of the sustainability movement is the Alliance for Sustainable Enterprises, a coalition of forward-thinking companies and organizations that truly understand the business sector's pivotal role in addressing today's most pressing societal issues. Our mission is to fast-forward Swiss business sustainability.

We believe in and advocate for policies and standards that foster and incentivize virtuous business practices, creating a ripple effect of benefits for society. Encompassing over 500 active businesses and esteemed organizations in Switzerland, our Alliance is a testament to the power of collective action.

The Alliance members are Der Gewerbeverein, ECG Switzerland, öbu, Swiss Leaders, GRI, Ethos Fund and coordinated by B Lab Switzerland Foundation.​ The alliance is proud of its commitment to a participatory approach, ensuring that decisions are made through a consensus that reflects all member organisations' diverse perspectives and expertise.

Jonathan Normand, Co-Founder of B Lab Europe and CEO of B Lab Switzerland Foundation, serves as the spokesperson for the Alliance.

Olmar Albers,

Managing Director öbu

Monika Keller,

Board member Gemeinwohl-Ökonomie Schweiz

Jürg Eggenberger,

Co-Managing Director Swiss Leaders

Jonathan Normand,

CEO B Lab Foundation (Switzerland)

Claire-Lise Rimaz,

Co-Managing Director Swiss Leaders

Aline Trede,

Co-president Fédération Suisse des Entreprises

Christophe Barman,

Co-president Fédération Suisse des Entreprises

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Vincent Kaufmann,

CEO Ethos Foundation

Paul van de Wijs,

Chief Policy Officer GRI

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