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Join us in advocating for a legislative change to support the sustainability efforts of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs) in Switzerland. 

Heads of Organisation

As a signatory of our manifesto, your name will automatically be included in our CEO letter to the parliamentary legal affairs commissions, advocating for the establishment of a regulatory framework recognizing "Sustainable Enterprises." Additionally, your company’s logo will be displayed on our website.

Sustainability Officers

By participating in our survey, you contribute valuable data that informs policy decision-makers, helping them to better support SMEs in their sustainability journey and raise awareness of the indirect impacts of ESG regulations—a critical yet not well-understood issue

The Swiss Parliament to which the petition is addressed must acknowledge receipt of the petition, but is not required to respond. However, the authorities generally do consider petitions and respond.

More than 70 leaders support us...

...and more than 500 organisations have signed our manifesto


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