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What are we advocating for?

Today, Swiss businesses are increasingly under pressure to implement and demonstrate their sustainable practices to their consumers, investors, employees, and regulators. However, especially SMEs often lack the necessary resources, knowledge, or guidance to transition to such practices and remain competitive in the long run. 


The proposal of the Alliance for Sustainable Enterprises is an answer to the rising demands of entrepreneurs for guidance and clarity in this transition. The creation of an official status ‘Sustainable Enterprise’ in legislation will recognize existing efforts and show the way forward. At the same time, it allows Switzerland to position itself as a pioneer in the sustainability transition.



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Voices from our supporters

Voices from our for Sustainable Enterprises with Virginie Galland
Voices from our Alliance for Sustainable Enterprises with Alexis Richard
Voices from our Alliance for Sustainable Enterprises with Alexia Michiels
Voices from our Alliance for Sustainable Enterprises with Claire-Lise Rimaz

A new legal status of Sustainable Enterprise, optional but not mandatory, is the strong signal awaited by citizens, employees, consumers, and investors. Our institutions must adapt with determination so that the private sector can accelerate its transition towards a sustainable economy."

Jonathan Normand

Founder & CEO, B Lab Switzerland Foundation
Spokesperson, Alliance for Sustainable Entreprises

Together, we can drive
Swissness into its future

The Alliance is not just a campaign, it's a mission to protect our environment, strengthen our economy, and leave a better world for our children. Our logo expresses our goal to accelerate Switzerland's journey into a more sustainable future.  Let's recognize and reward sustainable enterprises legally. Let's make sustainability the new norm for Swiss businesses! Let's fast-forward Swiss business sustainability!


We call for public recognition

of Sustainable Enterprises

Let’s unlock Swiss business potential to drive a future that combines
prosperity, people and planet.

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